The use of brick in the home is definitely taking hold in one place with the craze sweeping across the globe! One of the biggest reasons for this hot trend in building and decorating homes is the economical. Cutting back on construction and maintenance costs, the use of brick backsplash suits many different and aspiring homeowners. Just imagine the stunning finishes, textures and designs you could create using exposed brick!

The idea of designing the backsplash around the existing fireplace was also explored by Keith Baker Design. The architects wanted the backsplash to communicate the room with the fireplace and the cabinetry below it, making it appear as if the wall has been designed around it. Now, this is what we see in the image below.

Brick Look Backsplash Designs Come To Life… Photo 2

Another idea suggested by BBB design is to paint the wall behind the stove in a deeper shade of red. It will definitely create a more intimate atmosphere in the room plus it will highlight the beautiful brick surface.

Brick Look Backsplash Designs Come To Life… Photo 3

Marble proves to be an affordable and trendy choice when it comes to backsplash. In this case, it’s used to cover the entire area between the stove and the refrigerator. This beautiful setup is created by Ian Loweriemi.

Brick Look Backsplash Designs Come To Life… Photo 4

Blown glass doors use to be a popular choice for those who want a more modern look, but still preserve vintage character. This is in the interior of the house designed by KC Design Studio. As you can see in the picture, the color chosen for the kitchen backsplash and the backsplash wall has a lot of character, being complemented by the brick pattern.

In this kitchen, the brick backsplash was used as a backsplash wall separating the cooking space from the dining area. Being so close to the cooking area, it wasn’t easy to distinguish the wall and create a nice, smooth line. When adding accent colors, stripes or intricate patterns, you can turn the backsplash around or it can be painted a different color to truly emphasize the effect.

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