This is a contemporary kitchen island created by Danka Design. It’s a wonderful piece for the kitchen that also allows you to cook your own food. The Danka Dining Table from the LivingKitchen collection can also be used in the living or any other room of the house. It’s a fantastic piece to complete the overall décor of the room.

Also, the piece that is particularly interesting and eye-catching is the Pietra Dining Table. It has such a simple and elegant design and a contemporary look that it would fit and complement any modern home. It also features a removable top to be used as a prep surface or as a bar, even though it is designed to be used as a dining table.

The overall dimensions of the Pietra Dining Table are L247xW52xH62cm. It’s a simple and modern piece of furniture but it also has a versatile design that makes it perfect for a variety of different decors. It would make a nice addition to the kitchen but it’s also a nice choice for the living room, for the bedroom, home office or even the kitchen.It has a modern and elegant look and a versatile design that allows it to be incorporated in any type of décor.