Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Edge Coffee Table By EventStudio

An interesting drawing is always something special, something unique that nobody else can replicate. It’s why we find this unusual and eye-catching edge coffee table by EventStudio so interesting. The table has a flat surface and this allows it to […]

Painted Headboards By Bianca Biappi

You can find some interesting and beautiful headboards in stores today but they don’t necessarily match with the décor. In fact, they don’t belong in that particular style of bedroom where the atmosphere is serene and calm and where the […]

Terra Cotta Flooring By Vitra

Luxury Italian company Vitra has introduced new and unique designs to the market, creating the Terra Cotta flooring. This flooring features an irregular pattern of pavilions that are hand-crafted in Italy and then hand-painted. Photos courtesy of Vitra

Vertical Gardens Walls By Ikamt Soil Architects

Ikamt Soil Architects have designed a vertical garden wall along an urban setting in Tokyo, Japan. The vertical garden wall is an interesting twist on traditional gardening concepts of “wireless” gardening. The interesting angled shape of this multi level garden […]

Ceiling With Beams And Glass

This modern loft is located in the Belgrade District in Serbia and it’s a very interesting addition to the urban landscape. It occupies an area of 120 square meters and it was designed by ARCH.CTOURCE. It’s a two-story loft with […]

Diy Green Walls For Your Outdoor Home

They say the color green is the perfect color for anything and everything. It’s a color often used by nature buffs and this means it can suit pretty much any space or decor. Outdoor homes are no exceptions. So if […]

Living Topiary Trees For House

If you live in USA you can surely appreciate the beauty of nature. It protects us from all kinds of bad things and offers us much needed fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is a great source of shelter and it […]

Wall Painting Technique And Ideas

For those who like painting and admiring things you should try to find some specialized paint technique that will help you some beautiful, original painting ideas. Usually people like to paint the whole house in one color or maybe two, […]

Grasscloth Wallpaper Ideas

With a unique pattern of these grasscloth wallpapers, your home will be like a tropical paradise. This wallpaper is available in various sized and color combinations, creating a funky look for any room. From the living room to the bathroom, […]