Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Vertical Garden Planters By Peter Voss

Peter Voss has created these vertical garden planters that look like leaf hattops that are made of wood and that can be painted in any color or finish to coordinate with your landscape. If you desire a deeper knowledge of […]

Greek Bedroom Design Ideas

Gree states are usually associated with the Greek legends, the mysteries, the legendary soldiers, military groups or institutions. We also accept the idea of “home” and family, the idea of “family living”. So we try to bring some of that […]

Divider Furniture Helps Divide An Apartment

When designing an apartment, for many people, the divisions between the spaces are often not so visible. It all depends on the method how the spaces are compartmentalized. In the case of this apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine, the method […]

Baby Girl Colours Ideas

Just like any other room of the house, a nursery has got its allotted space. The mother-to-be’s nursery is the room with the best of care, with everything a baby needs. It’s a space of rejuvenation, comfort and calm where […]

Diy Outdoor Ottoman By Kevin Yang

Kevin Yang’s amazing outdoor ottoman collection features petrified wood and durable fabric, and it’s sure to look amazing. The bottom structure of the ottoman cover acts as a tray, making it easy to store into a corner or to move […]

Reclaimed Wood Crafts – DIY Wall Art

Lots of people are using reclaimed wood in their home projects. This means that they are exploiting natural pieces of wood that come from old barns or other buildings.In such cases there are many art types used with these materials, […]

Flower Bed Ideas By Funn Roberts

For those who would like to show their passion for flowers or plants and also have the opportunity to bring a new aspect of life into their house, the flower bed is always a perfect option.In order to get an […]

Wallpaper Ceiling Light – Curve That Light!

There’s something fascinating about the idea of a ceiling light fitting that resembles a genuine single bulb. Curved brackets, with a lovely pattern and nicely designed cable outlets, really deliver that ‘what you see’ aspect to a room. We’re particularly […]