Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Modern Exterior Shutters For Cool Modern Homes

Modern exterior shutters have a very interesting look. They are mostly decorative and they feature circular patterns similar to those seen on the rooftops of some buildings. This makes them somewhat unique but they also feature their main purpose. The […]

Plant Stand Diy

I’m sure that many of you have them at home and it’s not the little green friend that crosses your mind each time you enter the house or maybe the one sponsor for the new Mercedes car. That is the […]

Inflatable Couch By Santoara Italia

Have you ever felt the need to hide in the living room and read a good book or even have the desire to travel to some faraway place? Now it’s easier to do that thanks to the Instant Bookcase designed […]

Gray Bathroom Walls With An Organic Feel

Gray is a powerful color which can be easily overlooked. It’s a neutral and a rather boring color which can often be perceived as being outdated by many people. However, it’s actually a very versatile color which can be successfully […]

Bathroom Seating By Neo-Georg Ishii

In recent years the trend has been creating more and more beautiful bathroom interiors that fit the home scale and the needs of a contemporary woman. The bathroom is becoming a place where she can express her personality and color […]

Antler Tree Topper From Horta Italia

Ever since they first appeared in the 15th century, men’s need to furnish their homes had changed. They replaced the elaborate and large furniture pieces with smaller and less impressive items that could help them achieve excellent looks. The smaller […]