Miele Offices are a series of small offices located in Germany designed by German designer Felix Bühler. The design brings together two very different worlds: the office interior and the dining space. Even though the two spaces are very different, they communicate with each other and this way the design is very well-balanced.

The idea here was to create an inviting, bright and informal environment where the employees could work and have fun. The color palette chosen is very simple. In other words, the interior is like a white canvas which hides many of the features and elements that the rest of the office uses.

You can see that the overall image is very similar to the one created by the rest of the company. Even though these spaces have a different décor and a different atmosphere, they still have something in common. They all have a personal touch and they are all part of a very family home. Which is why they wanted to preserve some of the original features and to try to repurpose them.

It’s why they decided to preserve some of the elements and to incorporate them into the new décor. The furniture has been kept off the floors and the decorations shared the same characteristics. This way a cohesive and harmonious image is created. It’s also a way of delimitating the spaces in the office.