Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Shelves Bed With Built-in Headboard

Do you wish to decorate your bedroom in a fashionable manner? Well, if this is the case, then choosing furniture pieces which are built-in or which include a built-in headboard would be ideal. Headboards are an excellent way to add […]

Pumpkin Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner (we say it’s almost here!) and pumpkins are the best and most important decorations during this time of the year. Sure, people usually decorate their homes with spooky and silly things but that’s not […]

Minimal Office Interior Design By Edwin Baeza

Created by Berlin-based architect Edwin Baeza, this basement apartment renovation is a wonderful example of how to solve the density of a space without compromising aesthetics and function. It is a simple, minimal interior design where the architects used color […]

Wall Corner Shelves By Jake Phipps

Designed by Jake Phipps, this wall corner shelves is a great way to use less of the wall and allow for more storage. This innovative shelving system can allow you to sit two shelves on one side of your wall, […]