Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Night Stand Lights By Daisuke Motogi

The Daisuke Motogi lighting system offers a modern lighting solution for those looking for a night stand that has character. In order to make it all you need is a vase, a pencil, a tape measure, a ceiling tool and […]

Landscape Statues

If you’re lucky enough to have a lawn, you’re probably lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace with a beautiful view. If not, it’s most likely that you’re also the owner of a landscape with stunning views. If […]

Two Tone Room Design By Max Gough

What would you think if you were to walk around a grand room with windows on all four sides? You would probably see an elegant interior design with glass walls covering almost the entire room. In fact, in this house, […]

Aquarium Designs Ideas

The aquarium is an important element in any bathroom, regardless of its size, shape or style. But regardless of the dimensions of the aquarium, the image it spawns is always spectacular and unique. And since it becomes the main attraction […]

Interior Garden By Hhhhs

It has been recently proclaimed that the interior garden is the fastest growing area for new houses to be built. Despite overwhelming evidence from scientists that the induction of green environments has proven to be successful, the progress has been […]

Outdoor Bed By Jafeid

We all try to feel like a couple at home and for this we need a bed, but the bed seems to be more of a sofa, so it’s only a piece of furniture that is always missing something. We […]

Minimal Office Interior Design By Edwin Baeza

Created by Berlin-based architect Edwin Baeza, this basement apartment renovation is a wonderful example of how to solve the density of a space without compromising aesthetics and function. It is a simple, minimal interior design where the architects used color […]