The aquarium is an important element in any bathroom, regardless of its size, shape or style. But regardless of the dimensions of the aquarium, the image it spawns is always spectacular and unique. And since it becomes the main attraction in the bathroom, perhaps it should be compensated for that with some unique and colorful accessories and decorative accents.

These aquariums are not just for display. They can also be actually used as storage devices. All you need is a big enough aquarium and some decorative accessories and you’ll get a wonderful display space for little aquariums of all shapes and sizes. A big aquarium would probably be too big for that tiny bathroom so smaller versions could work just fine.

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This collection of unique aquariums is actually not that different from the traditional ones we’ve seen so far. They all feature unusual shapes and interesting combinations of colors and, in this case, they also took advantage of the natural light. They look gorgeous in combination with the minimalist light fixtures.

Of course, the aquarium as a whole is the aquarium that will serve you as your bathroom mirror, that will allow you to save space on a big vanity and it would, in turn, give you color choices which can be optimized in all sorts of chic ways.

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This might seem like a very natural thing to do. Contemporary interiors prefer the minimalist style, which is almost always white, which is almost always complemented by a few contrasting details such as the decorations or by a patterned area rug.

But not all contemporary bathrooms lack artistic appeal. If you like fine textures and strong contrasts, one way to make them pop is through wallpaper, as demonstrated by this design by I Love Architecture. There are numerous unique patterns, including stripes, geometric forms and different color tones.

Of course, something as simple as a cup holder can have a bigger impact on the style of a bathroom than a gallery wall. A good example is the design proposed by Audino Design for this bathroom. They created this amazing metal umbrella stand with a brushstroke design and an overall very simple look.

Another very interesting idea is to welcome the outdoors in by incorporating dimmers into the bathroom fixtures. It’s a great way to switch between the bright and vibrant colors used on the outside and the relaxing and more soothing nature when the décor is all neutral and you only use the dimmer switches.{found on chadjacksoninteriors}.