With the kitchen becoming the nexus of activity in most homes, the bedroom has become a place to escape to. Some have turned to the jungle for designer furniture, while others have chosen to keep things simple and natural. Either way, you need a safe place that keeps away excess stress by keeping the underlying mental and emotional health of your body in check. Designed by Jang Woo-seok at thefect place to work with innovative design, the Zen bedroom ideas below utilise relaxing, natural décor that emulates the great outdoors.

This bedroom is a wonderful example of how to combine the relaxing, natural appeal of the Zen bedroom with the serenity of the room itself. Clear glass walls are used to let the light spill into the room from outside. While this allows for complete visual connectivity with the backyard, it obviously makes the bedroom a whole lot more private. No distractions from the kitchen and living space and this continues to maintain one of the prevailing features of a Zen bedroom.

Zen Bedroom Ideas With Island Photo 2

What is wonderful about this bedroom is the way in which the bulk of the color scheme is kept to a bare minimum. While concrete floors and metal accent add some much needed contrast to the room, it is the use of luxurious pillows and bows that brings everything together. Beautiful wooden screens filter the unwanted attention from the already beautiful garden and tropical plants growing in the backyard.

Zen Bedroom Ideas With Island Photo 3

A simple wooden deck acts as a natural extension of the bedroom and offers you a privately comfortable place to rest your tired legs after a long day full of work.

A private hanging garden from the ceiling holds rain water from the roof and helps the room to maintain its cool, detached look. Small sculptures add to the Zen-inspired colors used throughout the décor and the bedding echoes this hue and style perfectly. Recessed lighting along the ceiling keeps the room well lit as well.

It is the simple plays of geometry and color that give variance to the décor and tantalize the visual eyes upon entering the room. A zen bathroom with black and white tiles and fittings looks particularly effective and luxurious when used with earthen hues, as it allows the room to loosen up and connect with the outdoors.

And last but not least, an entire wall can be slid open to turn the bath area into a true Zen retreat.

Zen is simple in architecture, but it still has some subtle seduction that can sway everyday life into a relaxing mode. This simple decorating principle can be adapted to every room of the home, including the bathroom.