Since we have so many small spaces in the house, it’s important to have a great storage place for everything that you don’t want to waste a lot of space with. One of the most common choices would be a makeup vanity. This solution would allow you to maintain a minimalist look for your bathroom while also having the storage space requested by the user.

Today’s inspiration comes from Skagerak, a furniture and bathroom design studio that provides high-quality, unique and customizable solutions for all sorts of homes. The Skagerak vanity collection includes a wardrobe, a table and an aging bath table. It’s a small and functional solution for those who prefer a minimalist bathroom with no other distractions. The vanity was designed as a replacement for an old and worn down look.

The transformation of this old bathroom was major. A new paint job was also added. The new surface is bright and fresh. It actually looks like new since it was just a fresh coat of white. The bathroom was reconfigured and got a whole new look. The bathroom is now bright and airy, missing some of the old features. But even though white is a neutral and neutral color, it has a strong impact. The bathroom features a series of MDF panels that have been painted white. They have been then bound with brown leather straps.

The chair that replaced the old washbasin was an old travel cart. It was in good shape and the whole process didn’t take too much time. The bathroom got a new sink, a shower and a vanity. The new bathroom also includes a glass shower door/staircase that makes the transition even smoother. The third piece that was added was the bathroom mirror where the old one used to be. It was a cabinet built with reclaimed wood that was thrown over the sink. A screw-on shelf was added replacing the original mirror.

A lot of changes had to be made in order to achieve the final look that you see now. The bathroom got a new sink, new fixtures including the wall-mounted water closet, new cabinet doors, new outlets, a shower curtain and a mirror. The overall design is relatively simple but also more stylish and modern than it used to be.{found on designsponge}.