When we move into a new home it usually happens that we get tired of seeing the same old and traditional Christmas decorations around the house and just want something different. Here for example we tried to come up with something original, original and unusual but without losing our enthusiasm.

So we tried to modify several little things and acquired several antique furniture pieces which we no longer needed or used and got rid of others that really deserved to be taken out and stored somewhere. If you watch the pictures you will see that I have a special dislike with those decorations especially given their use. I don’t like their original patterns and I can’t live without that particular item. But I admit that having a fireplace at home is a pretty cool thing, as it makes me feel cozy and relaxed.

First of all the fireplace was made of brick, which displeased me personally. Then it was painted white, a really cool color, that would allow me to give it more personality and to make it the center of attention. Then it was time to make it look really good and to take pictures. Last, but not least, the decorations had to be chosen just right because they will only last for a while and there’s’ not much you can do to swap them.{found on thespottedfrog}.