Have you ever wondered why wine racks can’t be placed above the dining room table, or why they can’t have an empty glass bottle hanging from it? Well, I invented this. If you happen to be doing some kitchen remodeling, you may want to take a look at my suggestion and replace the usual cupboard-backed wine racks with something more handy like this.

This month I planned on changing the look of this kitchen by painting some of the walls with something beautiful that would bring the space up to date. I bought a whole lot of tiles at a local sale, but if you happen to find some that you really like or you have a lot of free time to spend on this hobby, I would strongly recommend to get some tiles and paints to spruce up the kitchen.

The first step was to make a sketch of what I wanted to replace about the walls. It was important for me to visualize them and then write down the right design so that I got a pre-designated plan. To further enhance the design, I should also mention that this is a fairly small room so I didn’t have to paint the walls.

It was interesting, a few different models and patterns of tile go so well together. They complement each other and the room very well. I enjoyed the idea of taking the stairs a bit higher to get more storage. It’s actually quite the logical move, considering the lack of other furniture pieces in the room. I really like how the staircase turned out.

I hope you liked it as much as I did. Remember to always be creative and seek new and interesting uses for everyday items.