Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Loftbed Design By Casey Brown Architecture

When we sit down for a relaxing afternoon in the summer our days become less formal and more friendly, and the whole feeling is rather familiar and comfortable. In those moments we can unleash our inner artist and create wonderful […]

Open Closet Idea By Susanna Cots

This is a very interesting closet concept. It’s an open closet that Susanna Cots has designed for a senior citizen, boyfriend and girlfriend from the future. It’s a space where people can feel free to express their personality without being […]

Room With Lights By Neon

Rimauddin Arquitectos have designed a wonderful, light filled bedroom, complete with lights to create a fantastic atmosphere. Located in the biggest city in Chile, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the light filled bedroom includes a metal bar, which could be a […]

Purple Bathroom Pictures

Most bathrooms are painted in white or in neutral colors because this bathroom is supposed to be the one at the bath, where the owners are calm and take their time enjoying the time spent in the bathtub. And most […]

Japanese Garden Design Ideas

When we think about a garden, we think about a place where we can relax and spend time with friends or animals. So, when somebody comes to us and wants to spend time in a rather busy place, it’s natural […]

Gray Interior Design By Yodezeen

Gray is a beautiful color with several shades, one of which is dull. It’s the color you see in black, white or Montana. It’s a neutral, a subtle tone that doesn’t scream activity or activity. It’s the color you see […]

Interior Garden By Hhhhs

It has been recently proclaimed that the interior garden is the fastest growing area for new houses to be built. Despite overwhelming evidence from scientists that the induction of green environments has proven to be successful, the progress has been […]

Wall Corner Shelves By Jake Phipps

Designed by Jake Phipps, this wall corner shelves is a great way to use less of the wall and allow for more storage. This innovative shelving system can allow you to sit two shelves on one side of your wall, […]