When you have a creative mind you may choose what to do next and what not. Here’s an example of a fun and creative interior design. It’s decorated with the mermaid panels from the owners jewelry store and it looks very interesting.

It’s actually a very clever and original idea. If you have the time and patience for it you can sew together the panels from apple or cherry cooperatives and turn them into unique mermaid decals for the walls. This way you can cover the area that you need to decorate and the results will be better than the previous method wasn’t. Depending on the color you choose for the mermaid panels you can either paint them for a vibrant new look or you can leave them as they are and paint them with a coat of acrylic for a more subtle effect.

You can use the mermaid panels to create almost any kind of word or design on your walls and you can also turn them into family portraits or other artwork. Choose the dimensions and shape that you like and you can send them to the store or to another person who might be more creative and creative and you can simply apply them on the wall. The panels are easy to apply and they don’t require much attention.{found on site here}

Mermaid Themed Rooms Photo 3

Mermaid Themed Rooms Photo 4