Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Mermaid Themed Rooms

When you have a creative mind you may choose what to do next and what not. Here’s an example of a fun and creative interior design. It’s decorated with the mermaid panels from the owners jewelry store and it looks […]

Nice Bedrooms Design Suggestions

A perfect bedroom is a one-stop-shop space that has everything you need to get your own comfortable sleep, no matter how long you are in the home. This is a false concept that has been perpetuated through many design and […]

Light Grey Bedroom Design Ideas

Your bedroom should be your peaceful retreat, a place where you can be yourself. Without any doubt, a bedroom should be serene and made of light colour, with enough natural light and ventilation. Since it is said that the bedroom […]

Grey Girls Room Ideas

One way of coloring the house and making it look inviting and beautiful is to paint the walls in different colors. If you don’t want this to be a too loud or stormy color, light grey seems to be a […]

Bedroom Office Design By Septembre

This modern bedroom office was designed by septembre. It’s a part of a 3-room apartment located in Berlin, Germany. The flat occupies the same area. It was designed for a family of like three people. The most important request was […]