One way of coloring the house and making it look inviting and beautiful is to paint the walls in different colors. If you don’t want this to be a too loud or stormy color, light grey seems to be a good choice. As for the wall design, the most important thing would be to try to match the colors to the rest of the house and to everything else.

This usually means that the colors should be similar but not too similar. It’s why this shade is perfect for the bedroom. It covers most of the walls and it’s very beautiful. Besides the walls, the ceiling is also the most eye-catching element in the room. It’s grey and it look good in combination with the rest of the materials and colors.

However, the bedroom should be a relaxing and calm space. To make things easier, the walls are usually painted in neutral colors, which is a little boring sometimes. The best choice would be white for the walls. For example, a nice and fresh white background would really cheer up the room. If the room is small, the bed would be a very good idea. The rest of the furniture is usually neutral or matching for the walls. Occasionally, blue would be nice. It’s a color that matches white and the whole point is to be calm and not to have a lot going on in the room.{pictures from:1,2,3,4}

Grey Girls Room Ideas Photo 3