Sunrooms originated as a niche meant to protect the already existing house. With time, they have also become more than just a space where you enjoy meditating or admiring the views. So what exactly distinguishes a sunroom from other types of rooms? They all differ in the same way.

1. The bedroom.

The sunroom is often referred to as the bedroom. It’s the area of the house that usually gets cold or isn’t as comfortable as the living room but which is the most natural place during the day when it gets a bit of rain. It’s also the area of the house that gets cold during the winter and the place that welcomes the spring and summer.

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2. The living room.

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The living room is the space that welcomes people to sit and spend time together. It’s also the space that creates the first contact with the outdoors in such a place. As you may see, the sunroom is circular in shape and has rectangular or square windows. Its shape and design were dictated by the limited space and the clients’ desire to make the most of the place.

3. The kitchen.

The kitchen is the room of the house that always faces the street and receives light from the sun. It features a large worktop and a sink that is rarely seen. It’s an area of the house that most people consider empty. Some might just call it the kitchen. However, the kitchen is a very well-organized space that features practical storage units, drawers and shelves. This way it’s always ready for business.

4. The bathroom.

The bathroom is a very bright and very simple room. It has a sink, a shower, a toilet and a sinkette. It’s an area where one can conveniently make a stop along the way and get away from all the noise from the rest of the house.

5. The bedroom.

The bedroom is a private space and it often features a relaxing and calm décor. It’s also a space that might lack electricity, so it’s important to use it the right way. For example, the bedroom should include an armoire where the items you want to store or display should be placed or near the wall, near the bed.

6. The dining room.

The dining room is a semi-open space that is part of the living room. It features a table for eight people and a seating area around it. It’s a space that allows you to be creative and to come up with new ideas and solutions for your home’s décor.

7. The children’s room.

This is a space that’s intended for the children. It’s their space where they can play, do homework, study, play and all sorts of other fun and enjoyable activities. The room should be colorful and cheerful. It doesn’t need to include bold colors or to be excessively messy.

8. The bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the rooms that don’t usually have much natural light. It’s why it’s important for this room to be inviting and pleasant. It doesn’t need to be really spacious. A small bathroom will definitely be ok but it’s not the amount of space that’s available in there you’ll most likely find better ways to deal with the rest of the bathroom.

9. The office/guest room.

The guest room is the most important room in the house. You want it to feel comfortable and relaxing so you need it to be filled with natural light as well as airy and bright. The best solution would be to have a glass wall that would allow you to fulfill your dream.

10. The children’s room.

This room is intended for the children. It’s not their bedroom but their reading area. It’s a space where they can play, read, color, have fun and enjoy some quiet time. It’s very cute and cheerful. The wall décor is also very simple, with some colorful posters and images.