The bedroom is the place where the relaxation and peacefulness are the most important. A sleep like you need to wake up refreshed and ready to live your life. The bed is the central piece of furniture of the bedroom. The bed needs to have a solid and durable base which can also include some storage space for whatever you might need there.

Giuseppe Vigano’s stylish, simple and modern bed design features sleep-rated side panels which can be combine with the bed base for a more functional and elegant design. There are also stainless steel legs for a more sturdy and durable design. You might wonder where could you fit such a comfy bed design couch? Well, it’s hidden under a stylish mantle or under a platform.

Platform Bed Ideas By Giorgio Soresso Photo 2

Even though the bed has a minimalist design and the focus is on the bed, that’s not all it takes. You can also find storage options in other forms. For example, the bed can also include a desk hidden underneath or can even be used as a small home bar. As you can see, maximizing the space inside a bedroom is not always as easy as we think. Still, this doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of adding a nightstand, a wardrobe or even a gorgeous garden bed.