Concrete is, no doubt, the frontrunner material when it comes to hi-fashion bathrooms. But what about concrete floors? They don’t always seem finished or prepared to the nines. Concrete floors give the modern bathroom a timeless look. Whether you choose concrete tiles, concrete flooring for the walls or concrete flooring for just one bathroom, you’re sure to appreciate the elegance and versatility of this material.

Concrete tiles.

Concrete flooring is probably the most popular type of concrete, probably because it’s durable and easy to clean. Also, it’s easy to create. You can either make your own concrete tiles or buy one.

Concrete is also weather-resistant and this makes it perfect for to many types of outdoor spaces. Moreover, it’s not that difficult to clean. You can also have a concrete floor in the kitchen if you want to create an authentic décor or you can simply use concrete for the exterior if you prefer a contrasting look.

Concrete is very versatile and can be used for almost any type of surface. For example, this concrete kitchen counter has a polished finish which makes it stand out. This is a detail which can either make or lose the beauty of the whole décor.{found on site}.

Concrete floors.

This bathroom features a concrete floor. It’s an interior design feature which complements the décor wonderfully and creates a sense of freedom and openness. The ceiling and the walls have been painted a dark shade of grey which is not necessarily a characteristic of concrete floors.{found on site}.

Concrete floors are also great in the case of modern-industrial spaces. In this case, the concrete floor contrasts with the exposed brick walls and the overall chromatic palette and ground the décor in a few bold accent details.{found on aeacon}.

Concrete floors are also an excellent option for sunrooms. They make the room feel warm and cozy, they’re easy to clean and they’re also great for children’s rooms. In this case, the floor follows the lines of the curved wall and follows the same lines as the walls.{found on masterarchitectural}.

Concrete floors are also ideal for the office. This particular example features a modern interior with an office floor with an industrial look. The floor comes from an old office and has been painted white in order to blend in. The color is also chosen in accordance with the main style chosen for the space.{found on site}.

Concrete floors are also excellent for the kitchen. In this case they add a stylish and elegant touch to the minimalist interior design. The concrete floor also helps define the kitchen and connect it to the dining area. It helps it to feel spacious and organized.{found on bartardiandbrelli}.

Concrete floors are also an excellent option for nurseries or playrooms. They’re soft and warm to the touch and they go really well with the minimalism of the décor. In addition, they’re very versatile and they can be painted to match the room’s décor.{found on siolstudios}.

The row of rooms that feature concrete floors in their interior designs is a very nice example. They all have different styles and decors but they all have a common point: concrete floors. They make the rooms feel warm, inviting and functional.{found on brandsenarchitects}.

In addition, this is also a very interesting approach. The pattern is abstract and quite diverse, striking not only with the contrast between the two colors but also the subtle contrast between the two different patterns and their nuances.

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