Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Oriental Landscape Design By Batlab

Architects Batartus-come, architects Batartus-weit, merged the interior and exterior of this slope house in Bozen, Italy in 2010. The pagoda-loft features an open upper level with balcony overhangs that protect the rooftop sun-bathe the interior of the home. Photos by: […]

Rubber Floors By Elii

This concrete flooring was recently patented by designer Marco Morosini. Its distinctive look makes it ideal for high-end residential spaces. The flooring is made of fermented drinking water extracted in a hydraulic form. It looks like bad luck, but it […]

Glass Wall House By Richard Neutra

Swiss architectural firm Richard Neutra has created the Glass House. Completed in 2010, this contemporary glass wall house is located in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. It consists of 2 upper stories and includes a large central glass wall, which […]

Atrium Ideas By Sculp[IT]AR

The inspiration for the many wall sconces that are available in the market came from Asia. The designer, Ziyet Sejura, Orientalate atelier has found a very interesting way of illustrating this culture. The blank walls receive animated data like the […]

Koi Pond Designs By Mark Daniel

It’s hard to even try to describe the look of a paisley piece of furniture as it can be quite hard to get the image right. Designers have to get that balance between what’s practical and what we expect from […]

False Ceiling Design By Sean Jablars

This ceiling treatment was designed by Sean Jackson of Studio Sean Jablars and it’s called The Birds. It’s a very visually pleasing design, partly thanks to the ceiling’s subtle pattern but also the colors and textures that this design showcases. […]