Gray is a powerful color which can be easily overlooked. It’s a neutral and a rather boring color which can often be perceived as being outdated by many people. However, it’s actually a very versatile color which can be successfully used to make a space feel inviting and cozy despite its being minimalist and white. Modern and contemporary bathrooms are often in sync with minimalist decors and use this tone in combinations with wood surfaces.

Gray bathrooms are tricky. On one hand, white is the perfect background color for this shade but on the other hand the cool gray tone must stop you from adding too much color and the space would become monotonous. A good balance is to have enough luxe and cool elements in the décor and enough texture and materials to allow a smooth transition.

Gray bathrooms, even though quite simple and not exactly amazing, impress me. They manage to look very bright and airy considering the color palette. The aesthetic result is a stylish and fresh bathroom which welcomes the world outside and makes the most of its orientation. The mirrors look like stars, giving the room a very sophisticated and stylish look.

When you first lay eyes on this bathroom it doesn’t seem interesting. The colors are not that interesting and the design of the sink and tub are not that expressive. However, once you learn to see the full height sliding door you discover the full connection between this space and the rest of the bathroom.{found on designedtodwell}.

Although it may seem small and simple, this bathroom looks very spacious and has a very elegant design. The colors are not that bright and the design is not that diverse. It’s why it would have been easier to line it up on the wall not knowing it would be an empty space.{found on modernhome}.

Although gray is a color sometimes associated with negative elements, in interior design it becomes a beautiful and very versatile shade. The bathroom is not the best case. But you can make it look appealing through other means, like through color.{found on professionalarchitecture}.

The gray and white combination is always beautiful and one of the reasons is the fact that it is both timeless and casual. Similarly, the color can be used to create a symmetrical interior design, like a background for the decor in the case of the living room.{found on mybodyscuru}.

A modern bathroom can be minimalistic but also very elegant. It’s usually defined by simplicity, clean lines and bold accent features. A gray bathroom is an interesting choice in this case as it has a clean, simple design and the gray background fits in perfectly.

There are numerous types of gray and numerous different shades of pale gray to explore. Charcoal, black or brown are just a few of the options you can choose from. They each have their pros and cons. A dark gray seems to be more formal and serious than a pale nuance of the same shade. But as proven by the examples we’ve already showed you, this isn’t always the best color option for the bathroom because it can become overwhelming if the bathroom is large and there are lots of things that need to take into consideration in this case.{found on resourcefun}.

A mistake that can be made when decorating a bathroom is thinking only from the visual side. In fact, the bathroom should be a beautiful and relaxing space so don’t neglect the taste. Use a soft and fluffy bath mat, a small hood, a small decorative shower curtain and even a tissue box or a small floating shelf.{found on cambriawhomes}.

Instead of focusing on warmth and comfort, try to focus on shape and cuteness. A bathroom that looks pretty and has a functional décor will definitely impress. A wonderful piece can be a little tub surrounded by tiles and a wooden bench with some nice and fluffy pillows.{found on lauraschappasar}.

The lighting is always important for a bathroom. So don’t neglect the lighting. A large chandelier hanging from the ceiling can be the missing element in your bathroom, especially if it’s small. Placement of the chandelier is very important because it usually has a big fixture.{found on earthmartinteriors}.