This is Wall S-H shelf, a very unusual and eye-catching piece of furniture that’s a real work of art. The name of the shelf is actually quite suggestive. The shelf is part of a larger project called the one featuring the same name. It’s a modular and multifunctional piece of furniture that allows the user to basically shape the shelving as he wants.

The wall shelves were designed by Michal Nowak and they are made of wood. The operation is simple and quick. The shelf is made of 10 mm thick laminated timber bands that are easy to mount on the wall. The shelves, as well as all the other modular furniture pieces from this collection, can also be sued to create a signal box or to simply provide storage space for small objects.

S-H shelf is great for any type of home. It’s a very functional piece of furniture that can be used as a storage space for small objects, either personal collections or commercial items. The overall dimensions of the shelf are 1100 mm diameter and 750 mm height. The design of this piece is very simple and this makes it versatile and easy to integrate in any type of décor.

Wall Mounted Shelves By Michal Nowak Photo 3