Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bay Window Seating By Giim Look

When you have a bay window you can enjoy taking a nap or admiring the landscape, admiring the water and all. Bay windows were first created to allow those inside to see the water and nature at the same time. […]

Diy Haunted House By Michael P. Johnson

Artist Michael P. Johnson has created the Diemer Room, a funky structure composed of hanging structures over living spaces. The room looks like an excavated earth pit, lined with brick walls and completely unique in style. This unusual house is […]

Oriental Decorations Made From Wood

Wood is not used as much lately as in the past, especially when it comes to flooring. However, this doesn’t mean that the old and traditional decorations like pine cones, tree branches or wooden floors don’t still exist. In fact, […]

Rustic Wood Ideas For Your Home

Rustic elements add a touch of organic beauty and natural goodness to any décor. Whether it’s a small accent wall, a few board shelves, or even a whole house in wood, these elements are sure to add a special touch […]

Flower Bed Ideas By Funn Roberts

For those who would like to show their passion for flowers or plants and also have the opportunity to bring a new aspect of life into their house, the flower bed is always a perfect option.In order to get an […]

Kitchen Wood Shelf

I love cooking and I love cooking in the kitchen, but sometimes I have to bury myself for around 15 minutes in the oven and I can’t remember anything or nothing like that. In those moments I could have taught […]

Outside Shoe Rack

A well-organized home is perfect for a comfortable and aesthetically attractive living room.Let’s take for example this extraordinarily spacious living room designed by John Maniscalco architects.It’s all centered around a massive room on two levels.The top level is a gallery-style […]

Indoor Plant Arrangement By Gi?kerra

The house plant is an important factor in design and decoration of any interior space. Its aroma and visual effect powerfuliates the mood of the space and maybe makes it more pleasant thinks of the owner. In an indoor plant […]

Wall Mounted Shelves By Michal Nowak

This is Wall S-H shelf, a very unusual and eye-catching piece of furniture that’s a real work of art. The name of the shelf is actually quite suggestive. The shelf is part of a larger project called the one featuring […]

Stairs Beds With Built-in Storage

When you’re living in a small place, the biggest and most important advantage is probably the fact that you can do whatever you want to. However, sometimes you need some extra storage space for things that you usually don’t want […]