Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Hexagonal Tile With Marble Texture

If you’re looking for a creative way of decorating your home, try this beautiful and simple hexagonal tile with marble texture. In fact, this is a transitional area rug which would look great in a modern or contemporary home or […]

Modern Metal Fence House On Australian Shores

While many people prefer contemporary houses that are built mostly from concrete and glass, terrace fences that guards against unsightly insects and animals are still preferred. This modern metal fence house was built by Cave Construction, and is located in […]

Luxury Bathroom Vanities From Anitas

A sink and basin that is uniquely made is always a fine idea indeed, but luxury bathroom vanities have a decidedly different appeal. With a vanity living space or even a bathroom nook, the Anitas Luxury Bathroom Vanities here are […]

Geo Pattern From Memo

The Geo Pattern by Memo is a collection of letters that are arranged in space in 3-D. The design was originally designed for adobe mosaic production. The palette of letters has many colors combinations and there can be found red, […]