While many people prefer contemporary houses that are built mostly from concrete and glass, terrace fences that guards against unsightly insects and animals are still preferred. This modern metal fence house was built by Cave Construction, and is located in Victoria, Australia.

Designed by Scott Architects with support of Ritz Exterior Design, the metal fence house combines form with functionality. It was made to provide a strong barrier to the property while allowing the enjoyment of the coastal views.

The border among public and private spaces is kept through a dramatic two level rose, which also adds privacy, heightening the place and brings the inhabitants closer to the beautiful scenery of the surrounding beaches.

The design that allows the living space to face the home theater and beach is clearly thinking at the home theater; allowing the owners to see both the beautifait of the home and its astounding surrounding. Furthermore, a recreational outdoor space is integrated within the newly created living pavilion, giving the home better views and better use of the outdoor space.

This ingenious home is a first class property, striking with its unique design and incredible views.{found on archdaily}