If you’re looking for a creative way of decorating your home, try this beautiful and simple hexagonal tile with marble texture. In fact, this is a transitional area rug which would look great in a modern or contemporary home or in a bedroom. Just find the right spot for it and you’ll be happy to see that it will probably become a natural choice of carpet. There are lots of different ways of decorating the walls with this tile pattern, either with paint or with colored tiles.

The tile pattern is an abstract representation of the image from finely cut squares of marble created by the irradiance of LED lights. As you can see, the tiles are arranged in a spacing of 24’’ and each tile has a different color combination. There are 4 types of tiles so there are 4 types of patterns. There’s one square tile pattern, another one is a triangle and so there’s also a hexagonal tile pattern. The colors are black, white, gray and beige and the combination is pretty common. However, it’s a little difficult to connect the tiles with all the possible permutations of the same pattern.

Hexagonal Tile With Marble Texture Photo 2

This is a very colorful and colorful way of decorating the walls. It’s an impressive process and it’s not that hard to do that. All you need is some tiles, preferably with the same colors and dimensions and preferably with beige or similar neutral color.{found on tileswiththeblueway}.

Hexagonal Tile With Marble Texture Photo 3