The new school year is approaching and you elementary school years are coming. You might have tried their schedules this year but you really can’t stay there. Apart from the kids, everything else that you don’t know about schools is just your perception. And sometimes you might have done things right but you were looking and the time for that might have come right after your summer hiatus.

So how about grading your school with a themed room? It’s a great idea especially for the kids because it promotes imagination and creativity. So if the building that you plan on tearing down is designed in a themed architectural style, then give yourself an image of the yard with all sorts of creative things like dragons, rain heads and oversized butterflies.

Study Decorate The New School Year In Style Photo 2

And in case you really need inspiration for the next step, we have found a couple of great DIY projects on how to put together a room decorated with dragon shades and paper butterflies. So now you can see how fun it can be to design your kid’s room with all sorts of themed things, right from the dragon print to the paper butterflies. So hurry, get some work done and enjoy your new room.

Study Decorate The New School Year In Style Photo 3