Trestle tables have a long history behind them. They were originally used in the hunting grounds of Europe, in the Middle East and Africa. They later became ornate pieces of furniture with European influence in the history of Europe. Nowadays trestle tables are found is interior designs worldwide and they have quickly become a must-have.Because of the inherent beauty of such elements and the continuing evolution, trestle tables have remained very popular. However, in recent years they have been mainly used in offices and public buildings.

It’s mostly because they are actually quite difficult to store in an office, especially in the case of small offices. This is partially because they occupy a small portion of the wall in a room and they serve as a decoration for the room but also for other types of spaces.

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Trestle tables were originally used for decorative purposes. They had doors made of glass so they could be hidden in plain sight. Rosa Bellad used trellis for this very purpose and the results are quite beautiful. He designed a trellis for a dining room in order to give the room a more romantic look and this way to also conceal all the cables and wires. The actual trellis is no longer visible but only used as an ornament for the walls.

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Elevens & Nichols.

Elevens and Nichols are two of the most famous architects working in London and all over the world. They designed numerous distinctive homes which impress with their original style and exquisite interior designs. One of them is the elegant home that you see in the pictures. It’s situated on Northwest 11th floor of London.

The home itself doesn’t impress much. It’s a space decorated with minimalist furniture and bright colors that are meant to make this home feel more like a stylish hotel than a home. But take a closer look and you’ll see that all that is not enough. The finishing touch was the beautiful carpets that have been carefully preserved. Then there’s also the traditional fireplace in the living room that makes the entire home feel warm and cozy, and of course, the beautifully decorated conservatory.{found on homead}.

Cote de Texas.

Next on our list is the Cote de Texas. Located in sunny Texas, this home is the perfect place to enjoy the Southern California weather in style. The climate here is one of the best so if you’re planning on visiting this place make sure you see it.

The interior of this home is exactly what you would expect in California. It is spacious and but once you step inside, the beauty of the surrounding landscape becomes more than ever before. There is an impeccable style with magnificent views and this place offers that perfect combination. The colors are the key here as red, blue and green are combined in all the right ways.

And only then will you discover the enormity of this beautiful home full of light and green. If you are impressed by its style and fabulous interior, you may also enjoy the mountain views surrounding this place.