Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Steel Kitchen Islands From Karakter

Kitchen islands are usually multipurpose elements. They are used for storage, for making meals and even for serving drinks and snacks. A kitchen island may also serve as a work surface, as a dining table, or as a breakfast area. […]

Mirrored Entry Cabinet From Neutra

When we say entry cabinet we refer mostly to those pieces of furniture that we see in hospitals and which prove to be useful. It’s not the best combination for small homes because they occupy lot of space and it’s […]

Shoe Rack Wood Table By Mark Gultner

Walk up the stairs to this custom, made by artist Mark Gultner of Toronto, and you’re sure to feel like you’re stepping into the shoes of an iconic artist. This complete wooden table is an intriguing centerpiece to your home. […]

Live Edge Desk And Craft Table

One of nature’s amazing things is the beauty of nature and everything related to it. It is a way of bringing a piece of nature into our home, even if we are not aware of its beauty. It’s like seeing […]

Entryway Mirror

Every home needs a mirror in the bathroom because looks are important and if you have a mirror that really looks like this than quality of the bathroom is increased. Let’s say you take a mirror to the beach or […]

What’s A Foyer Look?

The foyer is the entrance to the home, or at least a portion of it, on which goods and services are sold. Inexpensive brick or cement related structures may be selected. Alternatively, if the available space permits it, another type […]

Modern Parisian Table By Mari Cockoni

Modern furniture is made by taking into consideration every little aspect of the design. Thus, many modern tables have simple designs but they also have a striking shape that distinguish them from all the other ones. The table is the […]