One of nature’s amazing things is the beauty of nature and everything related to it. It is a way of bringing a piece of nature into our home, even if we are not aware of its beauty. It’s like seeing a piece of heaven on earth. This is exactly what this table represents.

It’s a very beautiful and subtle way of adding some charm and beauty to the room and of bringing the garden inside your home. The tables are crafted entirely from natural wood. The wood is protected and preserves its flavor, giving the table an unique and very beautiful look. It’s then paired with a series of comfy cushions of a dry-erase printed pattern and a very beautiful black and white color palette.

The chair is an indoor brand new design and it comes in two different colors: solid caramel wood and beautiful espresso. The legs are black and they have that beautiful look that ruins everything, causing a very nice loose and dangling balance. You can purchase this lovely outdoor side table for the price of EUR188.92. And if you want to complete the décor, you can also opt for the Black and White patterned mosaic featuring a garland and matching wallpaper and other accessories.