This contemporary bedroom suite was designed by mewwoodhome for a family of four living in Barwon Heads, Australia.

The space features a floating wall that runs the full length of the bed, complete with a wood openholstered headboard and bench.

Bedroom With Desk By Mewwoodhome Photo 2

bedroom with desk by mewwoodhome:

“You can’t really go wrong with a fully fleshedeen bedroom. With plenty of storage and a comfortable soft bed, you can give your room extra bang for its buck. Some people actually find this easier than you think.

Bedroom With Desk By Mewwoodhome Photo 4

The best thing to do is to design your bedroom in such a way that it can be as relaxing as possible. It’s usually better to have a single bed designed as a ‘superior’ one rather than having a large bed that takes up too much space. Even if you sleep on a daily basis, it’s best to make sure the bedroom is as centrally accessible as possible.

Once you’ve decided on your bed design, keep in mind that there is no one set of rules when it comes to design. Your bedroom should be your personal retreat, your sanctuary in which you can relax alone or with a partner. You may want a big comfy bed that floats on the floor, or you may not want it to be so imposing that it becomes second to the floor when you wake up in the morning.

Make sure your bedroom is as straight as you can eye it. Depending on how many people you’re entertaining, you may want a fixed table which will always be back at the foot of the bed, for things like reading a book, or for your stomach balance. On the other hand, if you’re just hanging out with your hot girlfriend, we’re all for a four poster bed!

Go for something that grabs attention or matches the style of your bedroom. For some people, a tent is just the thing for a relaxing evening. For others, it’s just what the party is. Once you’ve chosen your tent, make sure you have enough cash to splurge, even if you don’t need the one full of fluff!

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