This bridge over pond was designed by Edward Szewczyk Architects. It is located in Trousdale Estates, Florida, USA, and covers a total ground area of over 370 square meters. It was completed in 2011, and was designed in the year 2012.

The most notable feature is, as the name suggests, the bridge. It is made of wood, and function is solely utilitarian. However, as the name suggests, the bridge has a major ecological benefit as it is close to water and uses less energy than most of the homes in the area consume. It has been noted that the surrounding wetlands are extremely low in coverage, which is why the bridge is provided with a system of undercut panels that cover solar panels to prevent the use of fuel on the grid.

The entire wooden structure is indeed a major environmental good, since it utilizes so much energy that it produces almost all the energy required for each electricity consumed in the home, which is a major reduction of energy consumption.