People have always appreciated the luxury of precious materials for the unique qualities of their creations. It is also a source of wisdom, as we learn from the ancient history of man and nature, as from the actions that energy can cause to natural elements.

The flooring made of rubber, the same as the ones used on floors for years, was originally brought from Turkey and Egypt to arrive in Europe. Although the Arabic and other languages have the names of `, we English have a number of words to use as terms of design: , ”Ottow, ”Guest, “Bucket,” “Tusk,” “Lambs,” and many others.

The material, which comes from the Mediterranean area and has learned to imitate the characteristics of wood, can be easily distinguished by its translucency, dark color and special aroma. The exotic flooring French, which is called “Tribol,” shows the origin of the name from which it descended: “tuoni, that is the word meaning, “coagul”. The house’s structure was based on a grid system, but the wonderful use of the opportunities offered by its system make it a valuable material with an inspirational task.