Bat(er) House is a private residence located in Shoreditch, London, England.

It was designed by Davis Architecture, and has an elegant and versatile interior.

Bat(er) House by Davis Architecture:

“From the front, the house is unceptually solid – concealing the dynamic interior plans and expansive views behind. The result is an open plan home with abundant natural light, surrounded by views of the garden and the clouds beyond. Deep roof extensions add depth, height and volume, making the roof a visual focal point. The colour of the three storey house echoes the English Blue, to emphasize the elevation above the spectacular site.

The roof form extends into the garden with a contemporary vertical garden, trapping and reflecting the light. A glass wall separates the private garden from the public area, to provide a void for the garage. The overall effect is one of effective spaciousness and fluidity, which is also enhanced by the vertical garden, which allows the walls to be ‘lifted’ and open as much as possible.

The bedrooms at the rear of the house take advantage of the sloping roof of the front house, to create a private retreat from the noisy locals.”

Photos courtesy of Davis Architecture