Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Miniature Rock Garden From Alexander Brenner

This compact garden was designed by Alexander Brenner, author of the excellent Ammerthal house and youngest studio ever. With this garden you can get surprisingly beautiful garden without any other materials. These modular planters can be simply shelves mounted on […]

Stone Cottages And Gardens On Sale

If you’re looking for something a little more charming than a stone cottage or a garden, consider this beautiful area. It’s perfect for a family of three as well as for large groups of friends. Here you can find a […]

Stone Wall Bathroom From Mimodo

Bathrooms are usually not very large and there’s not much space for them. However, after a while you realize that your bathroom needs more than the bathtub and shower. It’s time for a makeover. For example, this particular bathroom features […]

Ocean Houses By Christopher Polly Architect

The Oceanside House in Phuket, Thailand was designed by Christopher Polly Architect. Completed in 2012, this contemporary vacation home is located in a natural environment, an oasis devoid of activity and noise. The Oceanside House by Christopher Polly Architect: “Our […]

Modern Bookshelf Designs From Team 7

We’re always searching for new and interesting ways to create functional and beautiful furniture pieces, and part of the process of creating something beautiful is to constantly search for new ways to store and display things and to improve its […]