People are different all over the world and they each have different customs, traditions and beliefs. But sometimes it’s good to stick with the basics and to adopt a modern and simple style and, besides that, another nice thing about this apartment is that it’s located in Portugal and it has a modern and chic interior design.

The apartment is located in an old building from 1878. It has been recently renovated and it has a modern and chic look. Around the apartment there are the living room, the kitchen, the dining area, small children’s rooms, playroom and a great master bedroom. Moreover, there’s a large bathroom on the ground floor that can also be easily turned into a second bedroom if needed.

The living room is quite spacious and it has large windows and glass walls that allow panoramic views of the surrounding area. The living area is also connected to the dining room. It features exposed brick walls that create a wonderful warm and inviting atmosphere and a simple but stylish décor. There’s also a large kitchen with wood built-in cabinets that have been painted white. The dining area features a beautiful round table and a modern atmosphere that can be seen throughout.

The bedrooms are also large and inviting. They are also very simple and they have either grey walls or white walls. The master bedroom is also cozy and inviting. It has windows facing the courtyard and large windows and it’s very sunny. It has either grey walls or white ones. The bathroom is small and mostly white with blue accents.{found on nuevo-estilo}