Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Can Ants Drown In The Lake

Located in the heart of the Carpinteria Mountains, in Australia, this unusual residence was built by local engineering firm Rachcoff Vella Architecture. In order to have a clear view of the beautiful lake from inside the house, the architects decided […]

Stage Room In A House By Jeremy Kenney

stage room in a house is a contemporary home that designer Jeremy Kenney created for a client. Originally an open plan home, the contemporary home is now an eye catching space that reflects the flair of the home’s owners. When […]

Bedroom Backdrop: Black And White

Using black and white in interior décor is a classic choice. It’s sophisticated and elegant and the combination of colors allows it to be used in almost any room of the house. It’s a classical choice is you want the […]

Neutral Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is not the place to use bold colors. Even if it may seem like the room is too small, there are plenty of ways to use delicate colors such as pastels, neutrals or earth tones. Also, there are […]

Pool Landscaping Design By James & Mau

This project was designed by James & Mau and it’s located in Garden City, New York. The name of the project was appropriately chosen because of the abundant nature surrounding it. The pool landscape that this house occupies is a […]

Round Tablecloths From Marie-Louise

Marie-Louise, one of France’s most prestigious manufacturers, has presented a range of stylish cloths and rugs. The ‘Round table cloth’ is the perfect choice for a stylish contemporary kitchen or room of the house. Featuring luminous shades of white and […]