Using black and white in interior décor is a classic choice. It’s sophisticated and elegant and the combination of colors allows it to be used in almost any room of the house. It’s a classical choice is you want the décor to be simple and bright or you want it to be bold and interesting. This bedroom has a minimalistic interior décor and it’s also very bright.

The walls are white and so is the ceiling. It’s a very nice combination of colors. And since white is a neutral and relatively simple color, the black and white combination has the same effect, especially when combined like in this case. The result is a minimalist décor, a modern, even contemporary style.

Bedroom Backdrop: Black And White Photo 2

Moreover, the black and white combination is also a complementary color combination. It orange, as mentioned, and it can be either neutral or bright depending on the rest of the colors and textures used throughout the room. Overall, the décor is well-balanced. It’s a nice piece of furniture, with a simple and stylish design, a warm look and a chic color palette.{found on Alvhem}.

Bedroom Backdrop: Black And White Photo 3