The key for successful small apartment interior design is to be subtle and chic. Because you don’t want to expose yourself too much. You want your choices to be adaptable and to be able to complement each other. Usually that’s not a problem but there are some exceptions. When you think about it, it’s not that difficult to have a small apartment. It’s all about the way you decorate it and the way you make the most of a space like this one.

The owners of this place decided they wanted a small place for them and their two daughters and they hired Nitsoni & Viscusi to make it happen. They wanted it to be comfortably shared and divided into two areas. The new room features two bedrooms, a bathroom, a lounge and a workspace.The furniture was custom made and it perfectly adapts to the space. In the bathroom you can find a sink cabinet with one or two taps and matching mirrors.

The workspace has a large desk with a red carpet. The workspace is actually between two rooms. The sliding doors were sued to create a slight discrepancy between the room and the balcony that is facing the living room. In between these two spaces there was a large closet.

Small Apartment Design In Brazil Photo 3

The closet has mirrored doors that help create the impression of a larger space. They are partially covered with mirrored doors and this creates an optical illusion. The room features a white and tiled background with only subtle touches of red and black, not enough to make any difference.