Every house needs a curtain in order to give privacy and also protection against the dampness of the rain. This is a very useful and handy aid that makes your home pleasant and safe. If you can’t find a curtain or you simply want a peek out of the rain-garried interior, how about casting your attention to one of these beauties? The design of this curtain is perfect to match any theme or decor of your bathroom and it comes in a variety of colors.

The colors are very soft and the design is very versatile as well. You can choose from a very dynamic and vibrant tone of blue/green to a softer pastel tone of purples or gray and, of course, there’s also black. This particular curtain is 21” wide and it can be obtained from an old or cheap rug. It’s upholstered cotton and it would make a very nice gift for someone who likes to decorate their bathroom and who enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

Also, because of the dramatic design, it can make a very nice addition to a traditional or modern bathroom. Even though it has a very soft design, the curtain still has those strong characteristics, making it a beautiful accessory for the bathroom. You can choose from a variety of different colors and the combination of colors is quite beautiful. For a more practical look you can also opt for the matching ruffled drapery. The dimensions of the curtain are 71” x 70” and it can be purchased for $63.

Curtain For Bathrooms By Paola Bagna Photo 3