Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Pool Landscapes By Sdh Australia

Sydney-based architectural firm Sydney-based studio Vibe Design Group has designed the Pool landscapes for the Pool House project by Vibe Design Group. Completed in 2009, this unique house is located in Randwick, a suburb in south-eastern Sydney in the state […]

Diy Wall Divider By Andrea Branzi

This beautiful creation is a DIY wall divider created by Andrea Branzi. It’s a stylish and elegant accent feature that can also be used as a storage space. It allows you to visually separate the kitchen from the living or […]

Natural Fences – A Space Divider

Fence walls are a very interesting and versatile feature. They can be used both indoor and outdoor and they’re suitable for both private and public spaces and, of course, for private homes. There are lots of ways in which you […]