In this beautiful land of dreams and natural dunams, in the desert and on the ocean coast of California, more than 40 marchers took an hour to make a determination and took a parade to this decorated orange and black striped rug.

Being in the middle of a desert, where they are surrounded by rock faces and with only one beautiful, sandy beach to distract them, decorators thought it would be best to keep the rug as an orange and black rug, so as to be able to highlight the true beauty of the sandy beaches and red rock walls. And because the rug is black, the rest of the house is equally all black, giving it an extraordinary tribal look.

They thought the rug would be good to be both functional and decorative. So they placed it in the living room with its matching small, black side table, and ordered a fabric rug and a metal table lamp that are both orange and black, and , in my opinion, gave them a better look. Well, since they had the rug and the lamp, they thought it would be best to order a special carpet and a special cushions, in black and white, and this way they saved a good amount of money since they had bought the carpet and its matching cushions.

Decorating With Orange And Black And White Stripes Photo 3

This unusual rug is called “the pig” and it is very well illustrated by the black and white lines that follow the rug’s length and thickness. It is beautiful and nice and it brings a special look to any bedroom, especially when it comes to the bedroom where the bigger the rug is and have only one or two colourful comfy pillows on the bed. The price of the rug is $36.