Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Dark Gray Bathroom Design Ideas

The use of neutral colors in the bathroom as color gives a monotonous aspect to the room. The shower area or the bathroom is regarded as an eye-catching area. So, the neutral colors like grey, black and white can make […]

Rolling Coffee Table By Taralynn Neville

Hand made furniture is always different than the usual ones. It has individuality and each piece of the same design has its own particularities. For example, each one of these pieces of furniture has its own characteristics. In this case, […]

Diy Storage Beds For Kids

Kids love to hide and explore and most of all they like to hide in small places all day long so it would be nice to make something fun for them, something they can hide in and play with, something […]

Wall Mounted Shelves By Michal Nowak

This is Wall S-H shelf, a very unusual and eye-catching piece of furniture that’s a real work of art. The name of the shelf is actually quite suggestive. The shelf is part of a larger project called the one featuring […]

Gray Bathroom Walls With An Organic Feel

Gray is a powerful color which can be easily overlooked. It’s a neutral and a rather boring color which can often be perceived as being outdated by many people. However, it’s actually a very versatile color which can be successfully […]

Bathroom Seating By Neo-Georg Ishii

In recent years the trend has been creating more and more beautiful bathroom interiors that fit the home scale and the needs of a contemporary woman. The bathroom is becoming a place where she can express her personality and color […]