In recent years the trend has been creating more and more beautiful bathroom interiors that fit the home scale and the needs of a contemporary woman. The bathroom is becoming a place where she can express her personality and color preferences and provided with various options for relaxing and bathing. Thus framing the bathroom has become one of the most important places of the house and like it can be expected from it, everything is decided upon.

The Neo-Georgian bathroom furniture has been designed by Neo-Georgian Arkiteckt for Firma Italia and makes a perfect space for all types of homes.The bathroom is characterized by the simplicity of its design, the lack of unnecessary accessories, and the use of modern materials. As Neo-Georgian is known for its warmth and accessibility to women, here’s an example of how you can create a warm and modern bathroom without compromising on any of the items it stores.

One of the things that make this bathroom friendly and cozy is the fact that you can find two types of floor tiles, one for the floor and another for the walls. This means you can have a definite choice between the hot and cold water and the sinks and toilets. Moreover, the shower is also integrated in the bathroom floor and can be closed of to get clean and simple water whenever needed.

Bathroom Seating By Neo-Georg Ishii Photo 3

This new bathroom design is very simple, which makes it fit all forms of home and regardless of the space available, it will look always clean and fresh. It is a place for the entire family, not only children, but parents as well. In addition to that, it is very bright and the lighting is soft and warm. What’s more it has all the modern accessories you need in one place.