Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Window Sofa By Karim Rashid

You’re probably familiar with the very famous designer Karim Rashid. He created a very interesting furniture series, composed of occasional tables and chairs. The designer managed to create a very beautiful collection of unique and eye-catching pieces that would easily […]

Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

The corner fireplace is not a common design feature in most homes. However, it can be a very interesting option, especially when you decide to decorate the fireplace wall. You basically choose the location for the fireplace and you let […]

Breakfast Area Table By Giuseppe Vigano

The “Favourte” table designed by Giuseppe Vigano is a very simple piece of furniture that basically has nothing to hide. It’s a combination of a table and a lamp and it’s available in white or in other combinations of colors. […]

Bay Window Seating By Giim Look

When you have a bay window you can enjoy taking a nap or admiring the landscape, admiring the water and all. Bay windows were first created to allow those inside to see the water and nature at the same time. […]

Home Office Shelves By Gplusx

Everybody loves a good space for books, magazines, movies, and so on. But most of the times there’s not a lot of space for all of them and this is a problem, especially when you’re working in an office. The […]

Modern Bookshelves By Loop Design

Bookshelves are one of the most common items used in any home. With so many shelves to store your books, spaces like the living room or the bedroom are considered less important. This is mostly because they are great both […]

Bay Window Sofa By Ade Rems

The contemporary bay window sofa is made with a strong “thick” and durable base composed of wood chunky with a smooth finish. The base is available in either natural or stained ash wood. An optional upholstered cushions of ivory hue […]

Fireplace In Bedroom By Jeff Jordan

You may think that bedrooms and bathrooms are not as important as the living room or the kitchen, but that’s only because they often don’t have much in common. A very good example in this case would be the fireplace. […]

Bedroom Window Seat By Lisa Sherry Design

London-based studio Lisa Sherry Design has completed the Bedroom Window Seat project in 2011. The design consists of a window seat inserted between bed posts, designed to provide a user with a temporary bed edge while a rail offers an […]

Stone Fireplace Design By Constance Guisset

This stone fireplace display by Constance Guisset is inspired by the open space around it, what with tall ceilings and walls and natural tones and textures all around. What is most unique about this fireplace, however, are its angled ceilings. […]