You’re probably familiar with the very famous designer Karim Rashid. He created a very interesting furniture series, composed of occasional tables and chairs. The designer managed to create a very beautiful collection of unique and eye-catching pieces that would easily become the focal point of any space. This is window sofa, a very beautiful and comfy piece of furniture that would look wonderful in any home.

Window sofa is the latest creation of the Iraqi designer Karim Rashid that struck me when I first saw it. Like all the pieces of his work, this one has a smooth and linear design with soft curves and lines. It’s the perfect furniture piece for the bedroom or any other room of the house. It’s both stylish and functional and it has a simple and modern design without unnecessary details or embellishments. The sofa features a stylish cushion that is both durable and comfortable. The cushions can be ordered both in cream and in the natural colour of the wood.

Window sofa is the representation of the contemporary living room designed by the German designer Eduard Der Lacarme. One of the most impressive things about this piece is the fact that is combines the curves and lines with straight lines and it achieves that result in a unique and very beautiful look. The design is very interesting and the window sofa is great for its versatility. It can be used both as a sofa and a bed.

Window Sofa By Karim Rashid Photo 3