Polish designer and artist iittana prater has created the Spanish Tile Flooring.

This contemporary tile flooring features a hand crafted wood finished with an ultra deglizing paint.

It’s available in several different colors:

Spanish Tile Flooring By Iittana Prater Photo 3

– the original green apple, black – or white.
– these are natural tones.
– you can choose your own color.
– we chose dark brown.
– you can choose from undertones as described in the product page.
– depends on how you want your floor to look.
– the painted wood that we used for this flooring has been rescued from the demolition of former flor bread factory and can be of great sentimental value.
– you can buy one of each.
– we’ve got half of a dozen colour combinations to go along with your existing flooring.
– use your imagination!
– check the time.
– we did custom make fittings in a factory.
– check the dimensions.
– we set up carpet on our own. Usually people leave their carpet at home and simply clean it on the spot.
– if you need to sell your home in a closed area, bring it to our shop.
– and if your budget is low, we can upgrade your existing carpet.
– a specialist can get you very good carpentry work, if you have this expertise.
– if you want an unusual flooring, bring the panels up-to-date.
– when someone asks for reconstruction of a room, we can do it for them.
– at Italian company Petter.Diseño.
– we have a store on the island of Madelli. A neoclassical screed goes perfectly with the pale floor covering.
– cloth rug with Baroque splashed across.
– wooden tuner with vintage machine, sound effects.
– a character in our house. We love how the Turkish bath is looking at here.
– beata, button, sconce, double sink.
– beads, or wooden dowels.
– ceramic tiles with antique or vintage character.
– mirror, cloth, satin, glass, mirror.”

Photos by: Andrius Stepakis

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