Do you love the lustrous patterns and sparkling colors found in wood flooring from Mitchellon Woodworking?

“We work with clients to transform pieces of nature into enduring images. It’s the magic of what we achieve in our industry. We transform pieces of life into new experiences.” – Mitchellon Woodworking.

In our corporate works, we are often faced with situations similar to those featured in the movie, where, because of the forced closure handed by an adjacent property, we are asked to remove some of the windows from the top floor window panes. We can’t really do anything about it, but the piercing light pouring through the void of the window panes transforms it into a focal point for our clientele. Also, it introduces us to the subject of our wonderful architecture which, for many, is the most important thing in our practice.” – Mitchellon Woodworking.

Light Wood Flooring With Glass Inserts By Mitchellon Woodworking Photo 3

Our client’s brief inspired the design process of the floor, which includes a large leather lounge and plenty of bookshelves. Leather panelling wraps the lounge, while translucent blue glass and powder blue silver glass steal the spotlight. The moody colour scheme is further enhanced by the timber ceiling with its embroidered length.

Light Wood Flooring With Glass Inserts By Mitchellon Woodworking Photo 4

In the master bedroom, we incorporated a bespoke bed from K&C, creating a wardrobe of colorful custom made parts which are accompanied by equally colorful custom made footboards. The master bathroom is finished with a fine Granite tile, and features a unique bath tub, designed by our architect and constructed with the finest materials.”

Photos by: Luke Hayes