Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Black Home By Jason Demrets

This contemporary home is a 2012 project by Jason Demrets that is located in Peach Beach, Florida, USA. It is a renovation of an existing home that sought to create a simpler, more sophisticated interior. Black home by Jason Demrets: […]

Shelves Ideas Counting Stripe Tiles

The counting of stripes is a very old myth. Actually, it dates back to the ancient period when Egyptians protected their walls with blocks of marble which were semicircular in shape and covered with gold. And since then we have […]

Gray Color Bedroom Design Idea

When decorating the bedrooms we tend to ignore the little things that can have an important influence on the overall picture. For example there’s not much time for making changes or repainting the walls. It’s easier to just make some […]

Short Pantry Cabinet By Saneem Valls

In an ever-growing world, the pantry is seeing slow transformation from a purely functional space to an aesthetic one. Long since closets were emptied and the advent of food, our pantry has also lost its functional function, and the space […]

Pendulum Painting Sculpture By Takkuno Mita

Wall murals are interesting decorations that might look great in an office, but if you really want to impress you can choose a very different approach and opt for an amazing painting. For example this amazing mandal painting was designed […]

Tv Room Furniture

Once you’ve decided to purchase the house of your dreams, you need to make sure you’re happy with the arrangement. And once you do all you need is to decide what will exactly be the furniture. And then you also […]

Woods Cabin In Quebec’s Eastern Townships

This beautiful woods cabin is located in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, an area in Eastern Canada, between Montreal and Cap-Diamant and just a short distance from the Charlevoix National Park. The building is made of wood and stone and it’s surrounded […]

Half Wall Divider By Benjamin Hubert

This is a creative design, created by Benjamin Hubert. A wall divider is often the only one thing a room needs to be organized. It’s a halfway point and it’s a very practical solution after that. This divider is particularly […]